Become a Virtual pilot with the new Mentour 360 app....


We caught up with Petter Hörnfeldt, airline pilot and creator of the awesome Mentour 360 app, to discuss Virtual Reality, apps and overcoming the fear of flying....


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Blog review!


On the 9th of July 2016 the aviation Blogger "Shimoda pilot" wrote a full page review of his view on the "Mentour 360" VR application and the potential of this technology in the future of pilot training.


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SAA VR by Mentour 360 is availible on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore

Stockholm/Barcelona December 2016

The First ever Virtual Open day constructed for a flight training organisation is now availible, for free, for google cardboard users on both Apple Appstore and Google playstore. 


Mentour 360, in cooperation with Scandinavian Aviation Academy are proud to present SAA VR! 

This app will let the user experience a Virtual "Open day" with a short gathering with future classmates, a simulator flight and some awesome flying experiences.

For full details download the PDF press release below or click the links to download the FREE app.





SAA VR Press release
SAA VR press release.pdf
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Android link





Apple link

“MENTOUR 360, Aviation in Virtual Reality” is available on the Apple Appstore and Android Market


An app that lets you experience the cockpit of a Boeing 737 is now available for both IOS and Android devices


Barcelona - April 2016 - MENTOUR 360 SC has just released the first Virtual Reality mobile application aimed at the aviation industry and its enthusiast. It is available for compatible IOS and Android devices and it gives the user a chance to experience the inside of a Boing 737 cockpit together with a professional flight crew.

The application uses a menu interface that lets the user choose between 5 different Virtual Reality experiences inside the cockpit.

During the experiences the Pilots will execute a number of varyingly complicated maneuvers while also engaging the user. The Captain in the cockpit is instructing the first officer and also the user in order to deepen the immersive experience.


This is a close to the real cockpit most people will get without actually joining an airline

- Petter Hornfeldt, Training Captain and co-founder of Mentour 360



To read the full description, download the PDF press release below: 

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