VIRTUAL AVIATION Flight Training is a UK-based ATO, providing Airbus and Boeing simulator training. Since 1998 they have helped over 2,000 pilots to secure their first airline job. For pilots undergoing modular training, Virtual Aviation offer the ‘AirlineReady MCC+JOC’ using a Boeing 737-800 simulator at their Cambridge Airport Training Centre, close to London Stansted.


For any information about VIRTUAL AVIATION you can visit the website:


Founded in early 2014 as an incubator project between Dubit and KZero and seed funded in February 2015, WEARVR is the leading independent Virtual Reality App store.
We host and promote over 1,000 VR games and experiences, across a wide range of genres. From roller coasters, driving and flying sims through to 360-degree videos, social apps and jump scares, you’ll find them all on WEARVR.
For developers of all sizes, we can provide great awareness of their titles, along with hosting services, high-quality traffic and the ability to sell your apps. We’ll also shortly be launching Bogglebox - Safe, fun, carefully curated VR content chosen specifically for children, with parents in mind.
For users (the guys and gals with VR headsets), we strive to have the latest and greatest VR experiences served up daily.
You love VR, we love VR, WEARVR.

Join a growing community of VR explorers through the Merge website and VR Start portal. With hundreds of apps already available, we’ve made it easy to find the best new mobile Virtual Reality experiences. Visit VR Start to discover games, concerts, explore distant universes and learn in engaging new ways.

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